Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Sign In

The first step in using Cage is signing in. Visit www.cageapp.com and click the "sign in" button on the top right. Once you've clicked this and it was take you to the sign in form, complete the form using your email address and password (if you were invited to Cage as a team member or client to review, please use the email address the invite was sent to and create a password of your choice). Once you've entered your information, click "Sign In" to start using Cage.

Step 2: Add People

The first thing we suggest all users (especially if you are an Admin) do is add your contacts and your team. To do so, click "CLIENTS" or "TEAM" on the top header, where you'll be given the option of adding contacts. You can also choose the options to add them to all projects, past projects or make them admins.

Step 3: Add Projects and Files

Once you have some people to Cage (clients and/or your team), the next step is to start adding projects. Projects contain all your files and will be associated with you and the people you choose to share them with. To do so, click "ADD NEW PROJECT" on the dashboard. From here, you'll have the option to keep this project as internal (great for any company's internal teams) or for a client, where you can add the client name. From here, you'll get to pick who on your team has access to this project (in case not everyone needs to work on it), and then upload files. To upload files, you can drag and drop them into the blue area on the interface or you can click the blue area (or the text link below it) to upload and browse the traditional way (we like to drag/drop).

Step 4: Share Project

Once you're files are ready for review, you can share the project. To do so, click "SHARE PROJECT" from either the project page or the presentation page (where you make notes). Once clicked, a modal window will pop up with options for you. Here you can choose to send a personalized note (you don't need to send instructions, we'll do that for you), quickly review all the file are as you'd like, select which client contacts so share with, and who on your team you'd like to share with.

Once all of these match your preference, you can select to share the project. Everyone will get an email with instructions on how to access the project securely and soon you'll be collaborating in on place and in real-time.

Step 5: Collaborate

Notes - Now it's time to add notes, tasks, and revisions. Adding notes is easy. Once you've clicked a file you want to review, you'll be taken to the review page (this page is designed for reviewing/approving work and has some tools specific to this). To add a note, just hover over the area you want to discuss on the file and click and drag an area (it's as simple as drawing boxes). Adding notes on video is done by using the video player controls.

Tasks - Adding tasks in Cage is as easy as making a note. Instead of selecting to "ADD NOTE", you'll select the button next to it for "ADD TASK". Here you can assign yourself a task as it relates to the conversations happening on the note (pretty neat huh). You will have to assign the task to someone and set a date for when you'd like it completed. That's it. You're now adding tasks in Cage.

Revisions - When you want to add a new revision for a file you've been working on to show the changes, you can upload new versions. To upload a revision of a file, click the file and view it in the presentation screen (where you would make notes). On the top header navigation, there's a "REVISIONS" link which will have a drop down menu for you to upload a new file. Once you have uploaded the new file, the old version becomes the archived in this drop down (so you can reference if you need to) and from now on, you will only see the latest version of that file.

Step 6: Approve Project

When a file is finally to your satisfaction, you can select to approve the file in Cage. By clicking the "MARK AS APPROVED" button, an approved stamp will be placed on the file which will denote who approved it and when. An email notification will also be sent so that everyone can celebrate.