Adding Notes and Comments

Image Format Files:

Adding notes is really easy. Once you've clicked a file you want to review, you'll be taken to the review page (this page is designed for reviewing/approving work and has some tools specific to this). To add a note, just hover over the area you want to discuss on the file and click and drag an area (it's as simple as drawing boxes).

Video Format Files:

We've build an intuitive experience for adding notes on video. When you're read to add a note, click the "+" button next to the play button. This will pop open a note window on that frame of video. You can also add a note by hovering/clicking on the playhead and selecting the animated "+" button over it. Adding notes on video does not work on full screen mode (since this action is more for viewing and not interacting).

Uploading Attachments (Optional):

Once you've entered your comment, you can choose to upload a file too (this is completely optional). This is a really handy for internal teams/peers who would like to quickly illustrate what they might have wanted or to reflect the desired change.

Once you've entered your comment, click submit, and that's it.